A Few Tips For A Perfect Bathroom Renovation



You might be doing a bathroom renovation Toronto in your existing home or planning the new one that will come with your new custom house. Either way there’s a million different things you need to talk over with the contractor or builder and a few tips here will make the new space all that much more attractive.

Start by picking out some elegant fixtures. These might cost a little more but options like a pedestal sink go a long way to reclaiming the cost in resale value and/or personal enjoyment if you are doing bathroom renovation Toronto.  Remember that a classic claw foot tub makes its own statement about elegance.

Tub considerations are a focal point. Remember that for most people, a 60-inch tub is all that you’ll need. Here you’ll get enough room to relax and at the same time there’s generally a foothold at the bottom so you can feel secure. If you don’t have the room for anything but a smaller bathtub according to your plans, try to get an extra deep one to make up for the smaller size. 

Take the time to select great flooring. You’ll want to seriously consider ceramic as well as stone or marble here since they are extremely water resistant and elegant. For bathroom renovation Toronto, consider subfloor heating coils as well for the winter months. It’s also a great idea to make use of the space that you can’t see right away.

The room between the wall studs in any bathroom makes for a great recessed wall unit adding to the storage capabilities and one well placed and elegant mirror can make a big difference. Whether you are doing a bathroom renovation Toronto or designing a new bathroom for your brand new home, taking the time to design it with elegance and comfort in mind is a great idea you can’t go wrong with.


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